Terms of Service

Dear overnight guest, these overnight conditions and notes regulate the legal relationships between the overnight guest and us, Hotel Vila Barbaut. Please pay attention to them, because with your booking you accept these overnight conditions.


  1. Services / prices


The information contained in the prospectus is binding for us. However, we expressly reserve the right to make changes before concluding the contract; this assumes that this is indicated before booking. The services / prices specified in the catalog are to be understood as final prices. Ancillary agreements that expand the service content are only binding upon our confirmation.


  1. Registration / payment


The overnight registration is a binding offer to conclude an overnight contract. It is carried out by the applicant for all participants listed in the registration, for whose contractual obligations the applicant is responsible as for his own, provided that he has accepted a corresponding separate declaration. The overnight stay contract comes into effect with the confirmation of the overnight stay from Hotel Vila Barbaut. Payment of the travel price must be made at the latest after the invoice has been issued.


  1. Resignation


Cancellation by the customer You can cancel the booking at any time before the start of the overnight stay; this should be done in writing in your own interest. Hotel Vila Barbaut can demand compensation as compensation for accommodation arrangements made and for its expenses. Depending on the date of receipt of a declaration of withdrawal, the following flat rates – determined taking into account normal savings and usually possible income – are calculated (in each case as a percentage of the overnight stay):


Resignation by Hotel Vila Barbaut.


Hotel Vila Barbaut can withdraw from the booking up to three weeks before commencement.


  1. Duty to cooperate, notifications of defects


The overnight guest is obliged to cooperate in the event of service disruptions within the framework of the statutory provisions, to avoid possible damage or to keep it to a minimum. In particular, he is obliged to notify the organizer of defects. If any disruptions occur, the overnight guest should first contact the service provider. If there is no remedy, the management must be informed. We are happy to help. If a notice of defects is given retrospectively or subsequently, we are not able to do anything either. Claims for reduction in price or compensation are therefore excluded, provided that a notice of defects would not have been hopeless from the outset, but was culpably omitted. Likewise, self-help or a termination of the contract by the overnight guest in the case of a significant impairment of the overnight stay according to § 651 e BGB requires that the organizer has been given a reasonable period of time to remedy the situation, if the remedy is not impossible or is refused by the organizer or if the immediate termination is justified by a special interest of the overnight guest.


  1. Exclusion of claims and statute of limitations


Exclusion of claims and statute of limitations: Any claims must be submitted to Hotel Vila Barbaut within a period of one month from the contractually stipulated end of the overnight stay. The statute of limitations comes into effect 6 months after the contractually stipulated end of the overnight stay; it is inhibited by a timely notification of claim.


  1. Compensation for damages


The guest is liable to pay compensation for any damage of any kind caused by the overnight guest. This also applies to any claims in the event of damage that make it impossible to sublet the rented room in the subsequent period. (e.g. smoking in a non-smoking room, damage to inventory – up to the date the room can be re-let)


  1. Place of jurisdiction


The place of jurisdiction is…


  1. Organizer

Hotel Vila Barbaut

Rruga Barbaut, Karpen, Albania